YRT50 Rotary Bearing
YRT50 Rota
ZKLDF460 Rotary Bearing
JXR699050 Crossed Taper Roller Bearing
SX0118/500 Crossed Roller Bearing
RU445X Crossed Roller Bearing
RU445X Cro
RB1250110 Crossed Roller Bearing
YRT1200 Rotary Bearing
YRT1200 Ro
YRT950 Rotary Bearing
YRT950 Rot
RB12016 Crossed Roller Bearing
RB12016 Cr
YRTM460 Rotary Bearing
YRTM460 Ro
XR897051 Crossed Taper Roller Bearing
XR897051 C
CRB800100/CRBC800100 Crossed Roller Bearing
RE60040 Crossed Roller Bearing
RE60040 Cr
LXR897051 Crossed taper roller bearing
YRT1030 Rotary Bearing
YRT1030 Ro

    Our main products are YRT series rotary table bearing and crossed roller bearings,with precision of P5,P4,or P2, which outer ring diameter ranges between φ50mm-φ1800mm.Our rotary table bearings cover YRT basis series, YRTS high rotational speed axial radial bearings, YRTM rotary bearing with angle measuring system,and ZKLDF double direction axial angular contact ball bearings. Our crossed roller bearings cover RB series, RE series, HYRU series, RA SERIES, CRBH series, SX series; XR series,JXR series crossed taper roller bearings. 
    Our bearings have been widely adopted to various applications ,such as  high precision numerical rotary tables, robot joints and rotating units, index heads, aerospace and aeronautical industry, radars, sophisticated medical eq……[Details]